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  • Hey! I will be on Showdown as MikeDecIsHere. I'm a driver, so I should be right at the top of the list.
    I see. What about doing it on the 6th then (Sunday), maybe 6PM your time? I'm GMT -5 (EST), so it will be noon for me.

    Have a nice day, happy new year !
    Hi, we got matched for OST. When can you play? I am on vacation until January 5th, so ideally I would want to play after that date, but I'm also open to doing it earlier if we both can find the time.
    Hey, I forgot to say, dont u wanna play on PO2? It would be better for me. =|

    Also, u're not online on PS either...
    deadline is tomorrow (but no worries!) i will be on much throughout tomorrow afternoon which is like 10 or 9pm your time and today early afternoon like 7 or 8pm your time. whenever you see me on please just send me a vm saying "battle now!!!" and i'll respond asap.
    i dont think you're on now but if you're on for just 10 or 20 minutes we can play at least one of the matches
    sorry it was like christmas and all i didnt even get on until now, maybe we can try sometime on thursday?
    monday i can try to make it at 5 pm but no guarantees. however tomorrow could you try to be on in the early evening (6 or 7pm your time)? i can probably make it now
    if we were to play on sunday i couldn't guarantee me being on until 6 pm my time which is about midnight for you i believe. i will try to be on earlier to see you but if you can't make it thats fine we can just schedule something else
    hi guy we must play for official smogon tour yup yup! my timezone is gmt-5 and i have a fairly flexible schedule so name a time and i'll see if i can match it. if you see me on ps! my username is french fries so we could always work from there.
    i am so sorry man, i forgot it completly, if you can battle tomorrow all day i'd appreciate it, i'll be online all day the name is orpheus. Have a nice day
    yeah we'll play in PS, next week i'll be available on friday at 12:00 pm of my time.
    I cant play this weekend, sorry. I think i´d be nice if we can battle next week from monday to friday, just remember we are running out of time. Have a nice day trainer.
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